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I loved this book, it’s about my industry and nails it; the good, the bad and the parts of it people don’t tell you or don’t themselves understand about VO’s unique performance niche. Here it is and hype-free, one VO talent’s trek from blanketed-closet beginnings to living the dream – recording plum gigs daily from sweet lakefront home studio.

Who are these disembodied professional voice talent you hear all over the radio and tv and how did they get there? Is it a great voice, add an agent and fold in? Does a radio background help and is it easy to jump from radio or tv to VO?

This book lays it all out – where to start, assessing your own vo bonafides, what you’d better have ready to really get going, the pitfalls every talent encounters and negotiating success and disappointment along the way.

The book is hilarious, the audio and fx are masterfully wrought; making it an especially compelling and fun listen, all while delivering on the practical insights.

If VO is something you’ve always been curious about, this book brings an honest introduction and sublime insider reveal. 

Though if you already work in VO and once upon a time you found yourself sweltering in a tiny booth at a fancy downtown recording studio, headphones muted, 5 agency-types across the glass, discussing at length your last take on the end tag (or are they are weighing in on lunch options…?) this is your book too. Enjoy!

Elynne Dale
Owner – The Big Fish Voice Company

Full disclosure: Todd and I have worked together for twenty years, or about half the time I’ve been in the business.

I thought I knew him… boy, was I wrong. After completing “Funny Voices” in one sitting, I discovered (to my delight) that apart from being a pioneer in the online VO industry and one of the best talents I’ve had the pleasure of working with, he’s also a damn good producer and storyteller!

His thoroughly entertaining book/audiobook is a no holds barred dive into the world of voiceover.

After you’ve experienced it, you’ll either be: Heartbroken, Overwhelmed, or Insanely Motivated. What you won’t be? Sorry that you bought this book.

Ours is an industry that is as rich with reward as it is with disappointment. I can safely say that you’ll avoid a fair amount of the latter after absorbing his wisdom.

Tim Underwood – Audio Tango, Bend Oregon

This is an audiobook/book that you need if you are thinking about a voiceover career or just starting out. It is informative, funny and brutally honest. I wish this resource had been available when I started on my voice over journey. Some of Todd’s information rattles around in your brain while you learn the ropes of voice over but his expertise and wisdom pulls it all together. Thanks again and I am sure I will continually use this as a resource!

Christine Masters – Voice Talent

Todd was instrumental in getting me started in my voice acting career. He produced my demos, he built my first DAW and helped me set up my recording studio. Todd has a no bs approach to the voice acting industry that I find very refreshing. I’m sure many of his insights and opinions make lots of industry pros feel uncomfortable. That’s why when I saw Todd had published a book about the VO industry I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I finished it in two sittings. Great insights, and required reading.

Matthew Swanson – Voice Talent

From the Author:

In this book, I wholly reveal the secret to being successful at VO, which can be summed up in one word. I have still yet to see that singular word in any of the reviews here. Just sayin’.

It would be great to hear what this book meant to you personally and further, if it was worth your time.

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